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Episode #11 “Eat, Pray, New Orleans”

June 16, 2016

Episode #11 is Live! Just four pastors discussing and debating faith, relationships, politics, food, entertainment, ministry, theology, pop culture and much, much more!

This week our theme is "Eat, Pray, New Orleans" as the guys welcome probably their most interesting guest, Ray Cannata. Ray is a Presbyterian minister who moved to New Orleans just weeks after Katrina to lead a dying church and help in the rebuilding of the city. Ray is such a unique character and not your typical pastor by any measurement an his eclectic personality makes for fun conversation and listening.

Shortly after his arrival there he decided to eat in every one of New Orleans 700+ restaurants in an effort to get to know the culture and people of the city. He accomplished his goal and a documentery film called The Man Who Ate New Orleans was made about Ray's quest.

He is also a member of the Rolling Elvi a group that dresses up as various incarnations of the King of Rock and Roll and participates in Mardi Gras parades, community functions and charities. Ray is known as King of Propulsion!

Ray's unorthodox style of ministry and life has opened up plenty of avenues for him to share the gospel with people in a city that has very few evangelicals. You will enjoy Ray and the stories he tells about The Big Easy!

This show includes talk about Elvis, hot dogs, ministry, Brangelina, Hurricane Katrina, food, gutting houses, Mardi Gras, bikers, not having a car, Gumbo, rebuilding houses, aliens and of course Jesus!

*This podcast was recorded before the events in Orlando so it is not addressed in this episode

Watch the trailer for The Man Who Ate New Orleans