Post Christian Pastors

Episode #12 “Finding Hope”

July 1, 2016

Episode #12 is Here! Four pastors discussing and debating faith, relationships, pop culture, politics, food, entertainment, theology and much more!

This week our theme is "Finding Hope" as we look at that elusive thing called HOPE and where it comes from. The guys welcome Mark Oestreicher who is the former president of Youth Specialties and founder of The Youth Cartel. He is also author to over 70 books and has written a great book called Hopecasting: Finding, Keeping and Sharing the Things Unseen. It is a great book that challenges the American idea of hope an talks about the important role suffering plays in HOPE. Marko's journey through dark times and exile and how Jesus met him there will be an encouragement to you and hopefully will give you a sense of strength to find hope no matter what you are facing.
This podcast will speak to anyone looking for or trying to understand hope.
The conversation includes talk about The Cleveland Cavaliers, the events in Orlando, Haitian earthquake, youth ministry, job loss, Isaiah, exile, gift of hope, vulnerability, busyness, Elvis Costello, arrogance, tattoos, middle school kids, Mike Yaconelli, The butt with two halves song and of course Jesus! 

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