Post Christian Pastors

Episode 18 The “F” Word

September 22, 2017

Episode 18 is Here! Four pastors discussing and debating faith, relationships, pop culture, politics, ministry, food, entertainment, theology and much more!

Welcome to Post Christian Pastors! We are finally back! It has been too long and we apologize for the big break but we are sure you will enjoy this episode! In this Episode titled "The "F" Word" the guys look at everyones least favorite topic FAILURE! Yet it is something we all have in common. The episode looks at failure in life and ministry and asks the question "If what we see as failure is really failure after all?". The guys share some funny stories of failure in their lives and in ministry. Mike has an epic story you dont want to miss. There is also a Gladiator style thumbs up thumbs down game at the end of the show. So if you have ever failed or feel like a failure sometimes then this episode is for you! 

Joining the guys for the discussion is guest Chris Vitarelli

Chris has been the pastor of the Road Community Church in Fenton, MI since 2011 and has been in full-time ministry for over 17 years.

He wrote a book called "Failure in the Balance" where he looks at "FAILURE" in ministry and how we really define success in life and ministry. He is also the host and creator of the Small Church BIG Deal Conference, being held now for the third year in two locations in the USA.

He is a graduate of Cedarville University and earned his masters degree in 2015 from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Chris and his wife Jody have four kids, Gabriel, Angelina, Landon, and Sofia.