Post Christian Pastors

Episode #6 “Hurting the Poor”

May 4, 2016

Here we GOOOOO! Episode #6 of POST CHRISTIAN PASTORS. Four Pastors discussing and debating Faith, Relationships, Politics, Theology, Pop Culture and much, much more.

 This week our theme is "Hurting the Poor" as we discuss whether the ways we currently help the global poor is actually hurting them. The guys welcome Mark Weber from the award winning documentary Poverty,Inc. which tackles this issue and asks the question who really profits from helping the poor. Also Chris Pfeiffer from Espwa joins us to talk about their work on the ground in Haiti and how they strive for the good of the poor.

This episode includes talk of eggs, Bono, orphans, economics, Toms Shoes, Haiti, forgein aid, justice, peanut butter, Godzilla, Justin Beiber and Beyonce. Where else you gonna find that?

 Plus much more!