Post Christian Pastors

Episode #7 “Comedy is Life”

May 20, 2016

Here we GOOOOO! Episode #7 of POST CHRISTIAN PASTORS. Four Pastors discussing and debating Faith, Relationships, Politics, Theology, Pop Culture and much, much more.

This week our theme is "Comedy is Life" as we discuss comedy and humor. The guys welcome nationally known stand up comedian/actor Aaron Kleiber. Aaron has headlined at comedy clubs all over America and has performed with some of the biggest names in comedy. He has also had roles in feature films and commercials. His unique story of moving from full time ministry to full time comedian is very interesting and honest. He is a Christian but not a Christian comedian and he shares what that means to him. If you enjoy a good laugh and some straight talk you will enjoy Aaron's thoughts on his life, faith and career.

**The episode does begin with a brief segment (approx 12 min) dealing with Transgenderism and the federal mandate to public schools about bathrooms and showers. It is a follow up and further commentary on Episode 5.

This episode includes talk of youth ministry, zombies, Steve-O, Chattanooga, drunk hecklers, kids, PG-rated mens retreats, fake pastors, brokenness, In Living Color, Jesus' humor, The Breakfast Club, paying the bills and Sweet Chin Music and more. Where else you gonna find that?