Post Christian Pastors

Episode #8 “Grief is Life”

May 25, 2016

Back again! Episode #8 of POST CHRISTIAN PASTORS. Four Pastors discussing and debating Faith, Relationships, Politics, Theology, Pop Culture and much, much more.

This week our theme is "Grief is Life" as we discuss the side of life nobody wants which is grief, suffering, loss and tragedy. It is a follow up to episode #7 "Comedy is Life".

The guys welcome author and spiritual director Beth Slevcove. Beth has written a beautiful and meaningful book Broken Hallelujahs: Learning to Grieve the Big and Small Losses of lIfe. In the book she documents the process of grief she went through during the untimely death of her brother. Beth also looks at the "beauty and the brokenness" in all areas of life including marriage, friendships and faith. This is an honest discussion about pain, grief, faith and loss and how we find Jesus in it all. Yes there is some humor too!

This episode includes talk on marriage, running with the bulls, profanity, Shiva, C.S. Lewis, surfing, a Benedictine monastery, take a pill theology, laments, tattoos and pleasure. Come and listen!